The visual aspect of the finish obtained with blasting has its own personality, contrasting sharply with other conventional finishes.

The engravings are obtained with perforated masks that partially protect the surfaces.
These masks can be steel, then hardened, or elastic material such as latex or neoprene that are even more durable.

The most used materials are glass spheres because they do little damage to masks.
In glass the most efficient quartz or aluminum oxide is used.
On metallic surfaces, the operating time is 0.4 to 0.7 seconds and it is recommended to use timers to avoid overexposure.

Beautiful decorative effects can be obtained by protecting the surfaces with plastic gummed tapes such as insulating or “contact”, and paper is not recommended.

For very thin sheets small particle size and low pressure should be specified to avoid permanent deformation.
The process is widespread for identification of technical parts because it is indelible non destructive and also has the advantage of dispensing the prior removal of protective oil. On the other hand, it is not recommended for deeper recordings such as those required for male and drill identification.

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