17A beautiful option for surface finishing of metal, plastic, glass and even wood and matting, usually obtained by sandpaper, brushes, scratches, chemicals, among others that require specialized labor and have difficulties, sometimes unsurpassed, reaching cavities and other hard-to-reach points.

Without a doubt, blasting is the easiest application process. Unexperienced operators achieve uniform results and quite efficiently.

It has the lowest operating costs and lends itself to automation in case of large productions.

The most commonly used materials are glass balls and spherical steel shot and, for some special applications, aluminum oxide and quartz.

Ninety percent of the finishing operations are made with glass beads not only for their beauty and softness to the touch.
Its non-abrasive and non-contaminating surface features make it possible to apply it to high precision parts and, as in the case of stainless steel, may require no further operation.

08 (1)With spherical steel grit it is possible to matte high hardness parts but special care must be taken with dimensional changes and contamination.

Since the satin finish caused by the glass beads may have a residual shine, especially when the surfaces are subsequently galvanically coated, the alternative is to use aluminum oxide that produces a much more dull appearance.
Because the material is highly abrasive, uniformity should be achieved with as few strokes as possible.

Glass matting should not be done with glass beads. It is much more efficient to use aluminum oxide or quartz. The particle size used should be as small as possible which may prevent finger or grease marks on the surfaces.

The same problem can be overcome by rapidly immersing the glass in hydrofluoric acid solution, which requires special care.

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