CERAMIC ABRASIVES – SEPRO – A Saint Gobain product

ZIRBLAST and ZIRSHOT ceramic spheres are made from electrofusion mineral oxides.

Its internal structure is characterized by a crystalline phase of Zirconia, narrowing divided into a glassy phase of silica.
This combination provides high hardness together with high impact resistance.

As it is a nobler product it replaces the glass microsphere, but with a performance of 8 to 10 times higher, featuring a very high shock resistance, low dust formation, regular roughness and low fouling.

It is frequently used in cleaning for stamping and injection tooling, ensuring long tooling durability.

Product strictly controlled according to international standards: NFL 06.824, NFL 06.831, SAE J 1830, MAS 2431 and 2431/7, MIL S 13165C.

ZIRBLAST – It is intended for normal treatments such as cleaning, deburring, satin

Available Particle Size – Zirblast

Designation Nominal diameter
B20 20/30 0.600-0.850
B30 30/40 0.425-0600
B40 40/60 0.250-0.425
B60 60/120 0.125-0.250
B120 120/200 0.070-0.125
B125 -120 0-0.125

ZIRSHOT – Especially suited for pre-compression and forming treatments that require very good sphericity and small size variation, is widely used in critical Shot Peening applications.

Available Particle Size – Zirshot

Designation Nominal diameter
Z850 16/20 0.850-1.180
Z600 20/30 0.600-0.850
Z425 30/40 0.425-0.600
Z300 40/50 0.300-0.425
Z210 50/70 0.210-0.300
B125 -120 0-0.125
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