shell1Granuts is a product of vegetal origin, classified in several granulometries of very low abrasiveness.

shell2It is especially suitable for roughing, blasting, cleaning and polishing delicate plastic and metal parts, as it preserves the original dimensions and characteristics of the parts.

When drummed together with a very fine abrasive paste, Granuts gives the parts an excellent shine.

Granuts has excellent performance in drying and cleaning drummed parts, due to its high absorption power of water, oils or greases from surfaces, thus avoiding dust and clogging of parts.

As a plant product, Granuts is non-toxic, non-polluting and harmless to health, requiring the use of gloves or protective equipment for handling.

Available in the following sizes:

K00 – Extra Large

K0 – Large

K1 – Medium Large

K2 – Medium

K3 – Fine

K4 – Extra Fine

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