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Substitute Materials
How to replace sand, which materials can be safely and economically employed.

Silicosis in Brazil

The Silica

Silicosis Elimination

Annex I

International Seminar on Exposure to Silica “Prevention and Control” Curitiba – 06-10 November 2000

Annex II
Report of the meeting presenting the results of the International Seminar on Exposure to Silica, held in Brasilia, December 12, 2000, at the headquarters of the International Labor Organization.

Annex III
Report of the Workshop Activities on the National Program for the Elimination of Silicosis, held in Brasilia, December 12 and 13, 2001.

Annex IV
Meeting of Governmental Entities, Brasilia, 03/26/2002.

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Laws on banning the use of sandblasting.

Bill No. 1,670, DE 1999 and Ordinance 99 of 10/19/2004 of the Labor Inspection Secretariat of the Ministry of Labor, which is in force.


All the content of this sector (about sand and silica) in a single document containing 43 pages

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QUARTZO is a form of crystalline silica responsible for a high incidence of severe silicosis. Its use for Blasting by Ordinance No. 99 of October 19, 2004 is prohibited. See the ordinance by clicking here .

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