SINTER-BALL : It is a sintered bauxite whose grain shape is spherical.
SINTER-BLAST : It is a sintered bauxite whose grain shape is angular.


SINTER-BALL (spherical)


SINTER-BLAST (angular)

Blasting with SINTER-BALL and SINTER-BLAST is a modern, fast and functional method for cleaning or texturing castings, preparing metal surfaces, removing rust, paint, stains and a large number of other applications.

SINTER-BALL and SINTER-BLAST were developed to satisfy the most varied surface finishing requirements. Using state-of-the-art technology, SINTER –BALL and SINTER-BLAST offer them quality, protection and many other advantages.

Generic Applications:

Exceptional for both pressure and suction compressed air blasting equipment, whether manual or automatic.

Practical Applications:

– Cleaning of castings, forgings, stamped, structured, drawn, etc …

– Preparation of surfaces to receive painting, welding, coating, vulcanization, etc …

– Decarbonization of engine blocks and their components.

– Maintenance of electric motors and generators.

– Mechanical maintenance in general.

– Maintenance of aeronautical parts and components.

– Glass matting.

– Cleaning of molds, stamping etc …

– Removal of paints, varnishes, encrustations, oxidation etc …

– Decoration in metals, glass, granites, marbles etc …

– Sandblasting of injected polyurethane parts.

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