High Pressure Pump – HidroZIR ™ 11.700 PSI

Technical Characteristics

image002 Pressure: 11,700 psi [810 bar]
Flow rate: 45 liters / minute
Power: 100 hp
Weight: 1,350 kg
Length: 2,300 mm
Width: 1,400 mm
Height: 1,750 mm
Number of Pistols: 02 (two)
Electric panel
Length: 800 mm
Width: 700 mm
Height: 1,300 mm


Pump Features:

The HydroZir High Pressure Pump is built to operate continuously at maximum capacity and performance.

Vertical mounting with three cylinders composed of high quality ceramic material, reliability and durability.

Pump head made of alternating tension free stainless steel.

Below hermetic seal between suction chamber and crankshaft section.

Finite element crankshaft section calculation ensures long life under continuous work.

Integral speed reducer.

Pressurized oil lubrication system and filter radiator.

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