Generating Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Anchor Profile

Zirflocos is an inert abrasive specially developed for Ultra High Pressure Hydrojetting work with the purpose of enhancing the surface preparation, coating removal, lamination scale and anchor profile opening operation.

The abrasive is stored in a silo and is suctioned by the venturi effect caused by the mixing nozzle. This mixing nozzle is fitted at the tip of the water jet gun.

Zirflocos is 100% glass flake and crystal filament. Because it is made of inert material, it is proven not to pollute, harm or contaminate the environment and waste can be freely and easily disposed of.

Zirflocos pose no operator risk and maximize results152

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ZIRTEC supplies the Ultra High Pressure Hydrojetting pump coupling tool and its consumables for the use of ZIRFLOCOS abrasive.

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