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    Zirtec has the abrasive that its process requires: glass microspheres, aluminum oxide, steel grit, stainless steel grit, Garnet, Sinterball & Sinterblast, Cut Wire, Ceramic Abrasive, Plastic Abrasive, Nutshell, Abrasul, Zirflocos, etc.

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    - Process Consulting
    - Operator training and certification
    - Services provision
    - Sale of Instruments
    - Sale of platelets from Almen
    - Equipment Marketing

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    Zirtec manufactures industrial turntable, drumming, treadmill, ultrasound, immersion washers according to the dirt cleaning specification to be met.

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    Zirtec has a line of equipment for suction, pressure, automatic and modular booths.

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Zirtec was founded in 1995 and specializes in Surface Preparation.
Manufactures and Markets Shot Blasting, Shot Peening, Water Blasting, Abrasive Water Blasting Equipment,
Industrial Parts Washers & Dryers.
Markets, Imports, Exports and Manufactures a wide range of abrasives and spare parts.

  • Phone
    +55 (11) 3388-3534

  • Rua Muniz de Souza, 306
    Aclimação, São Paulo - SP

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