UTEH – Hydrojet Effluent Treatment Unit
Closed Circuit System – CLOSED LOOP
Capacity: 20 m³ / hour

Integral reuse of water used in the Ultra High Pressure Hydrojetting process in the preparation of surfaces of Shipbuilding Blocks.


Modern shipbuilding systems prepare the surface and paint the welded steel blocks of which ships are built before being put together for final assembly in the dry dock.

This process generates an immense amount of mud resulting from the primer, dust, typical industrial environment dirt, welding residues, among others that, when washed, mix with water.


Before Before [/ caption] After After [/ caption]

The CLOSED LOOP system detects turbidity, hydrogen potential, paint residues, organic waste, dust, etc., separates the water and returns it crystalline to the water blasting process and the waste is separated into pies for proper disposal.

It is a system that takes the environment, natural resources, and the health of the operators involved in the system seriously.

hydraulic cycle 1

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