Its physical characteristics (spherical shape, high density, hardness and resistance) and chemical characteristics (inert material, not reacting with the vast majority of substances) give it a prominent place among the other products used for blasting. They are used for cleaning, beautiful satin finishing, precision deburring, engraving or decoration. They are practically non-abrasive, which opens up a huge field of application that was previously closed to the process.

Cleaning general molds, shot peening on aviation turbine blades and many other important applications have become viable with glass beads.

Consecrated Applications
The numerous advantages peculiar to glass spheres as blasting material, lead to important applications as a cleaning process in the industrial, automotive, railway, naval, aeronautics and road areas.

Typical Applications
They clean and prepare the surface of metal components without their tolerances, nor contaminate them with iron.
They combine cleaning, finishing and hammering (Shot Peening) in one operation.

Application of special types of glass spheres in the manufacture of signs for signaling which are used by the highways.

In many cases glass beads, special types have been successfully applied to products in the surgical, aerospace and electro-electronic fields.

Type Micron ASTM
Perfect Beads
min. in%
Thick AA 210-595  30-70 70
D  210-297  50-70 70
AB  177-297 50-80 70
E  177-250  60-80 70
Averages AC  149-250 60-100 70
AD  105-210 70-140 70
AF  74-149 100-200 80
Fine AG  53-105 140-270 80
AH  44-88 170-325 80
AI  53-fine 270-fine 80
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