The plastic abrasive is designed for blasting special products that require low process aggressiveness or efficient surface cleaning in hard to reach segments. The plastic meets all standards established by the Air Force, for blasting aluminum fuselages of aircraft parts, removing paint without damaging the metal.

Acrylic Zoom Urea Zoom BT polycarbonate
Acrylic Urea Polycarbonate

Another very common use is for the removal of rubber scale in tire molds, retainers, couplings, etc. Already in the electro-electronic area. Its application has been very satisfactory. Because it is a softer product, it removes impurities without damaging components.

Plastic abrasives are supplied in various sizes (grit sizes), and in various types such as UREA, ACRYLIC, POLYCARBONATE, POLIESTER and MELAMINE, it has no free silica, is non-toxic and meets the requirements of abrasives according to international standards.


– UREA – Abrasive widely used to remove old paintings, being more intensive in difficult cleaning.

– ACRILICO – Abrasive with the widest variety of applications being especially used in aircraft coating and paint removal.

– POLYCARBONATE – Abrasive widely used in the low temperature blasting process, to remove burrs in rubber parts.

– POLIESTER – Soft abrasive widely used in electro-electronic components.

– MELAMINE – It is the most aggressive plastic with fast cleaning efficiency.


Our plastic abrasives meet military standard MIL-P-85891.

Grain Format

Plastic abrasive is sold in chip or cylindrical form.

Available sizes

– Mesh 12/16

– Mesh 16/20

– Mesh 20/30

– Mesh 20/40

– Mesh 40/60

– Mesh 60/100

– Other sizes available on request.


– 10 kg multi-lined kraft paper bags in European standard pallets up to 1000 kg.

– Cardboard boxes with 22.7 kg (50 lbs) or 25 kg (55 lbs).

– 250.4 lb (113.4 kg) drums.

– Other packages available on request.

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