The Zirtec team has been working with Shot Peening since 1980, provides Parameter Definition Consulting on new projects and has Shot Peening Service Equipment employing the most diverse types of abrasives (cut wire, steel grit, ceramics, glass microspheres, etc.)

Almen Gauge Kit, Block Holder
in special case of high resistance.
Almen Gauge
Block Holder
and special screws.
Almen Strip
Almen's platelets meet the following standards: MIL-S-13165C; SAE AMS 2430 and SAE J442 N (0.0300 ”to 0.0320” / 0.760 to 0810 mm thickness Normally used in glass and ceramic microsphere operations A (0.0500 ”to 0.0520” / 1.270 to 1.320 mm thickness) Normally used in operations with spherical steel or cut wire C (thickness 0.0929 ”to 0.0949” / 2.360 to 2.410 mm) For high intensity applications.
Shot Peening Training
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Shot Peening Certified Abrasives
Zirtec has stock of abrasives such as Glass Microspheres, Spherical Steel Shot, Cut Wire and Ceramics, which follow Standards such as: AMS 2431; MIL-S-13165C; J 441; J 1830; MIL-G-9954; AMS-S-13165; SAE J442; J 827; among others.
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